Remove These 5 layers and uncover Attitude of a Winner

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” -Zig Ziglar

Don’t you hear often people complaining that they do not have the attitude of a winner? They talk as if the winner’s attitude is something godsend and if they don’t have it then it is difficult for them to win in life. But in my opinion “attitude of a winner” is readily built in all of us (see above quote and note –  “You were born to win!!”). There is just a need to uncover our winner’s attitude from layers hiding it. Winner’s Attitude is like those sexy six pack abs which is hidden under the layers of fat. Once you remove the fat then six packs are visible. Just like this we all have winner attitude, we just need to identify the layers covering these and then remove these layers systematically to uncover our attitude.

Simplistically saying – winner is a person who wants to win at ‘any cost’ and ‘any situation’. Mark these two words again – “at any cost” means ready to sacrifice – be it family life or comfort zone. A winner is always ready to give up some of his luxuries to achieve success. And he does it in “any situation”; he does not look for excuses in failures. Anyone can win if you get everything going for you – but the challenge is to win when some or most of the factors are not favoring you. A winner wins at any cost and any situation.  

I bet after reading the above paragraph most of you would say – ‘hey this is me. I want to win’. And this is the point of this post – we all are born to win. But we let multiple negativities (layers) to cover our winning attitude. This happens either due to social upbringing or personal factors. Whatever it may be but the end result is – we have locked our winning attitude inside and are not able to enjoy the success as much as we should. Identify the layers hiding your winner attitude and unleash the winner buried inside. Continue reading