‘Be There’ when your loved ones need you

It was a ladies day out and husbands were at home babysitting the kids. They decided to assemble at my home, with the kids, to have a small get-together. Dads preferred to sit inside watching the game while kids, who all were between 3-4 years, started playing outside in the porch.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside and one young boy came inside the house with his face covered in blood. All other children’s were screaming – ‘Johnny is hit, he is in blood’. My son, youngest of all, started crying looking at all the blood on Johnny’s face, t-shirt and on floor. Johnny’ dad moved quickly and along with other adults took him to the bathroom.  We cleaned the blood from his face with warm water and discovered a deep cut on the forehead. One of the neighbors went to the hall and calmed other kids – “Guys, Johnny is alright. Nothing happened to him. He is fine. Now you all sit quietly until we take him to a doctor”.

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