Welcome to Motivation cube, a place dedicated for self development by sharing articles, inspirational quotes and interesting stories. The views expressed in the articles are largely mine (by the insight I have gathered from my experiences in life) and thoroughly supported by research work and quotations from great men.

 Though the cube sounds to be for motivation, there is plenty of room for spiritual topics as well. In my belief, spiritual energy is a wonderful source of self development and hence it becomes an important component of my blog.

 Although the blog intend to contain wide variety of topics, currently these are main categories –

 Self-help Articles – This has to be my most precious section. The articles are intended to self help and personality development. I take about 4-6 hours to write a 500 words article, simply because I like to research the articles and want to make my point clear with supporting research work or quotation. If these articles can help you in some way then I shall consider my hard work has a worth attached to it. You can appreciate my work by giving your feedback and comments.

 Inspirational Quotes – Another interesting way to motivate ourselves. It does not take nearly as much effort as to write an article, even though I try hard to search best quotation. I intend to present some of the most uncommon great quotation from the ancient books of the world.

Inspirational Stories – Just like quotes. I have some great stories to share, as I was a avid story hunter in my younger days. I intend to share stories from around the worlds which should be inspirational in some way or other.

 I am hoping to add few more section, but this is good enough for a start.

 Please follow my blog though e-mails to get the latest posts.

 A Big Thank You,

Motivation Cube Team




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  1. I found your site very informative. It has all the ingredients which are required to develop individual personality. I would like to mention that I need mental help from some one. May I expect it from you. Please do write to me. Waiting for your response.

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