10 Finest tips for reducing stress: Journey from extreme stress to normal life

“Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.”—Thomas Jefferson

The word ‘stress’ is being used more frequently than ever in 21st century and people are ready to spend bundles of money to learn the tricks and tips of reducing stress. There is abundance of stress management articles all over the internet but still stress is ever increasing in our lives. In truth, reducing stress is going to take a whole lot of more effort than only reading few stress management articles. It’s a hard work and there are combinations of spiritual, psychological and physical techniques which could help in reducing and managing stress in our lives. No one individual method might be sufficient enough and we must try to work out a combination of stress reducing tips for a better result.

Before we must go into the tips for reducing stress, let us first try to understand the meaning of stress.  Oxford dictionary definition of stress is – “a state of affair involving demand on physical or mental energy”. Please read the definition again – it is a state when our body demands more than usual physical and mental energy. This extra energy could be useful and utilized for our advantage. Researchers have said that it is the extreme stress which is harmful and detrimental to our health. Stress in moderation is normal and sometimes useful. However, stress is normally makes a synonym with something negative. The purpose of this stress management article is to manage extreme stress and reduce it to “normal” or “no stress” state. As it is important I am repeating it again – it is the extreme stress which is harmful and should be the focus for any stress management tips or articles.

Spiritual Methods for Stress Management

  1. Connect with creator – There is nothing more peaceful than connecting with God. Pray every day; you don’t have to pray for hours but a simple prayer for a minute should also be fine. If you are atheist then connect with yourself.  Meditation (point #3 below) and being Alone at times are two excellent ways to connect with self.
  2. Hug and kiss your loved ones – After the company of god, the second most relaxing thing is the company of the loved ones. Be always there for your beloved  and do care for their needs.  Even science has proved that hugs and kisses released hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which are very useful in reducing stress.
  3. Meditate – Stress management by meditation is probably one of the oldest methods. Meditation calms our senses, relaxes our mind and improves the breathing pattern.

Psychological Methods for Stress Management

  1. Feel and Visualize good things – Have you noticed how replaying the best memories in your mind prove to be an excellent stress buster? It has been established in research that visualizing good memories reduces stress. Gerald Epstein a M.D. and author of “Healing Visualization” has suggested following simple routine for reducing stress – 1. Close your eyes 2. Take three long breathes 3. Visualize a relaxing scene such as walking in a meadow or lying on a beach; focus on finer details such as sights, sounds and smells.
  2. Smile to reduce stress – Smiling is a way with which you can manage the stress in self and also reduce the stress level of others. A smiling face always soothes the senses.
  3. Stop juggling, rather prioritize – One of the major habits of unhealthy and stressful life is trying to do too many things together.  It is true that in modern time of competitive world we cannot stick to one task at a time. However, the need is to not mix lots of tasks at one time. Rather prioritize and work on your priorities first.
  4. Avoid Negativity, be positive – Let go the negative feelings towards self and others. Here is one excellent way of avoiding negativity through mind control.

Physical Methods for Stress Management

  1. Drink water – It may sound too simple to be true. But drinking a glass of water reduces stress. The relationship between water level and stress is well documented. Even a little bit of dehydration may increase the cortisol level: the hormone responsible for elevated stress. Keeping yourself well hydrated is a good way of keeping down the cortisol level and so does the level of stress.
  2. Cut the caffeine – Coffee is a major source of caffeine but it is also found in sodas, soft drink and chocolates.  Caffeine elevates the cortisol level and prolonged elevated cortisols have adverse affect on health.  Coffee in moderation is okay and one should limit the caffeine intake (about 3-4 cups of coffee at max per day).
  3. Exercise Daily – Regular exercise is one of the great ways of reducing stress. Exercising improves the blood low and oxygen circulation to brain. It also releases endorphins which is a mood relaxing hormone.

If you like this article, then please comment and let me know how you find it. It will give me valuable feedback and hopefully I will be able to write better article. Please also share how do you manage daily stress?


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