5 Ways to keep you motivated in Global Economy Recession

This is the time of Global Economy Recession and chances are that your company is just like mine. The global economy recession has an impact on most of the organizations and their employees. There are few hikes or promotions and deep cuts to employee benefit. Picture is not rosy outside of your organization due to a dismal job market. As an employee, it is very difficult time to keep ourselves motivated in the “no growth” climate. The conventional motivational theories won’t work in these extra ordinary times and employees need to find new ways to motivate themselves. Even supervisors and managers need to look at new ways to mitigate global economy recession impact and inspire the staff.
I have found following five ways to keep ourselves motivated in global economy recession.
1. Let go that Emotional Baggage

Do not blame yourself for current situation. There is nothing wrong with you or your capabilities. You might have experienced a minor or major career set back – but do not hold yourself down with guilt. Be a person with healthy, productive and latest career plans rather than someone who is weighed down by career setbacks. The current global economy recession is more powerful than any one individual. Holding on to negative emotions can hinder your clear thinking and making new sets of goals.

2. Shift the Goal Post

We all have plans for our careers and we feel frustrated when the goals are not met even after trying our best. However, it is important to recognize these times. The situation is not in control of you and me; even great leaders of the world finding it difficult to keep the economy back on track. Do not feel de-motivated by a slower than normal growth trajectory. Make necessary adjustments in your career path and realign the short term and long term goals with your current position. Do not live in the past ; make new goals which suits the current global economy recession. You must understand what is in your control and what is not. This will help in defining new goals and objective. Keeping pre-recession goals will continue to frustrate and de-motivate you.

3. Do not kill yourself by working hard

We all are hard working professionals who take pride in our achievements. So when we come across failure or faced against tough situation then we start pushing ourselves to extreme. We push harder and demand more from ourselves so that we can sustain the prior achievements. This is a mistake as the Global Economy Recession is out of our control. By working hard we cannot achieve the unachievable. The need is to stay afloat with smart strategies (such as learning new skills) and do not wear ourselves out.

4. Be Positive

I have seen people fill themselves with negativity when their expectations are not met. For example, when people do not get long due promotion then they develop negative attitude towards the management and organization. Criticizing management becomes the focal point of day to day conversation and most of the time is spent in break areas rather than on the working desk. Do not commit this mistake. We must realize that organization is going through a tough time and our supervisors are only doing what is best for organization. Additionally, by not working hard we tend to harm ourselves. Not only we risk ourselves becoming stagnated but also destroy our own image. As said, the need is to see through the tough time and do not spoil the relationships with management.

5. Develop New Skills

The Global Economy Recession is not going to stay here forever. The recovery will eventually come and there will be better times ahead. And we can help ourselves by preparing us for the better times. The hot skills of pre-recession era may not be prominent later on. So invest your time learning new skills. If you are good at one technology then learn one more. You will be better prepared and more employable once the tide has turned back to your direction.

No one spends his career in a linear projection; rather our entire career shapes up in form of a sine wave. There will be ups and downs; peaks and valleys. Do not be de-motivated due to the global economy recession, as it is another valley creator; but you must believe in and prepare for the peak which is around the corner.

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