‘Be There’ when your loved ones need you

It was a ladies day out and husbands were at home babysitting the kids. They decided to assemble at my home, with the kids, to have a small get-together. Dads preferred to sit inside watching the game while kids, who all were between 3-4 years, started playing outside in the porch.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside and one young boy came inside the house with his face covered in blood. All other children’s were screaming – ‘Johnny is hit, he is in blood’. My son, youngest of all, started crying looking at all the blood on Johnny’s face, t-shirt and on floor. Johnny’ dad moved quickly and along with other adults took him to the bathroom.  We cleaned the blood from his face with warm water and discovered a deep cut on the forehead. One of the neighbors went to the hall and calmed other kids – “Guys, Johnny is alright. Nothing happened to him. He is fine. Now you all sit quietly until we take him to a doctor”.

Johnny was about three and half year old. He was riding his bicycle in the porch and took a tumbling; hit his forehead against a cement slab which gave him a deep cut. He narrated the story himself while we were cleaning his wound.  We took him to a nearby hospital for dressing and bandaging.  After the treatment, the kid was too tired for any further action so went back to home for rest.

In the whole episode, I still remember once particular thing which was stuck to me even today. The kid never cried!! Yes, he was cut deep and normally kids of his age starts to cry on anything far less serious. But Johnny did not cry even ones. When he entered the house after being hurt his dad leaped towards him asking “What has happened son?” . The first words he said to his dad were –“Dad, I called you when I hurt myself. Why didn’t you come for help?”. He repeated the same question 3-4 times while we were washing the wounds and taking him to the hospital.

It’s difficult for me to forget the innocent question from a three and half year kid – ‘I called you? Why didn’t you come for help”. A young kid, in deep trouble, knew crying is no option; but he needs help and called his dad. Just like Johnny, our loved ones also need us in their bad times. If we cannot help much then just ‘being there’ with them in crisis is a valuable support.


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