7 Habits of Unhealthy lifestyle

What is A lifestyle? Simplistically, it is the way we live our life; the manner in which we spend 24 hours given to us every day.  Does our lifestyle impacts us? It certainly does. The life style is mirror of our attitude towards the life; it reveals our goals and ambitions. It also highlights our views towards important subjects such as career, study, family etc. After all, we all have been given only 24 hours and how we spend these hours define our lives. If I am allowed to see how a person is spending his day, then I may be able to tell if the person is carrier oriented, family oriented or something else. You can become successful, moderately successful or unsuccessful but chances are lifestyle would have a role to play. Similarly it has an impact on whether you lead a healthy life or not. Because of the importance it play, it is important to identify the basic unhealthy habits of a typical life style.

Below, I am trying to list down 7 habits of unhealthy lifestyle.

1.       No Planning or Prioritizing

We all are living in modern where so much is expected from us. There are expectations from family, friends, relatives, boss, and employees etc.  The expectations from self and from others convert into a large list of tasks to be done every day. It is a challenge to manage this task list and worst thing we can do is to ignore the challenge. I have seen many of my friends complain that they work very hard but then too not able to complete their tasks. If this happens with you as well then root cause could be – you have occupied yourself with unimportant tasks. Thus, in today’s time it is important to plan the day, priorities our tasks. Have you heard of Pareto rule also called as 80/20 rule? It says that 80% of effect comes from the 20% causes. We need to find and focus on the 20% of our daily tasks which are going to complete 80% of our work.

2.       Watching too much Television

Television is new age marvel which has revolutionized our lives. We are well connected to the world and became independent for our entertainment needs. However, what has been intended to be a boon for mankind is slowly becoming a bane. I know people who are addicted to the TV sitting more than 10 hours a day in front of the idiot box. This is not only a major time killer (remember, we all have given 24 hours only) but too much TV also has negative health effect. Our kids, rather than spending time outside playing, watch cartoons all day. A study has indicated that TV can make kids fat and weak. I have simple rule for myself – average one hour of television per day. So if I have to watch NFL on Sunday, then I tend to not watch on TV for the whole week. You can also try following simple rules to reduce your TV watching time – 

  1. No TV while taking Breakfast and dinner.
  2. No TV while socializing with friends.
  3. No TV when sitting with family and children. This time should be given for family bonding.

 3.       Bringing work tension to home

 Our lives are already becoming stressful and there are two primary stresses – Work place tension and Family Tension. Now, I have not seen anyone who takes the family tension to workplace. But we all have accustomed of bringing the work tension to home which ruins the family harmony. In principal, our family environment should sooth the senses and helps us ease out the work place worries. However, once we start bringing the outer stress to our home, we do not have a place to escape. 

 4.       Eating too much or too little

 Too much of anything is harmful on the body – be it too much work or too much sleep. But nothing harms our health as much as eating too much.  Eating too much leads us to obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc.  On the contrary, eating too less will deprive of nutrients and will ultimately affect the immune system.  What is required is to stick to a balance diet plan.

 5.       No time for exercise

 Combining too much eating with no or little exercise is a recipe for disaster. In fact the lack of exercise is one of the leading causes of preventable causes of the death. Lack of physical exercise also weakens our muscles and exposes them to physical injuries. Also, exercising regularly improves the immune system and protects our body from becoming sick frequently.

 Despite well know facts about exercise benefits, many of us do not exercise. Most common excuse is not finding time to exercise. We do not have to do much but just take hour 5 hours a week for physical activity. Try following simplest exercise routine. Repeat the routine for at least 5 days a week. 

  1. Walk at normal pace for 7 minutes.
  2. Walk briskly for 30 minutes.
  3. Walk again at normal pace of 7 minutes.
  4. Light stretching for 15 minutes.

 6.       Addiction to Gadgets

 What is a gadget addiction? In my belief it is too much of gadget usage that it starts interfering with our daily routine. It is a point where we feel compulsion to use them and even starts replacing our social contacts with gadgets. This is where we start to isolate ourselves and become more and more dependent on gadgets. The addiction is not only affecting our social life, it also has adverse health effect. For example, too much of texting on cell phone may develop trigger thumb (  ). To improve this habit, make some rules for gadget use. For a starter, I can suggest for not using gadgets during breakfast and dinner. Give this time to your family.

 7.       Sleeping with smart phone

 The point could well be an extension of the point 6 above. However, in my experience, this is such a widespread habit that it should be included as separate item. Number one problem with this is – ‘we compromise with sound sleep’. If you are reading e-mails before going to sleep and then waking up three times to read e-mails in between then you are not giving yourself a healthy sleep.

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8 comments on “7 Habits of Unhealthy lifestyle

  1. I thought this was an absolutely great post, I love how you not only state the problem areas but also give numerous ways of reducing them. I am definitely going to try to do some of these things, I think my biggest area of concern is the exercise element. Fantastic post!

  2. You have nicely summarized so called modern lifestyle problems in this small article. You can expand this article to write a book with title “7 habits of highly ineffective people”. I agree with most of the lifestyle problem and suggestions you have described in this article but regarding first point I have different opinion. I agree on importance of planning and prioritizing but that should be done for self expectations, not for the expectations of family, society or boss. I believe our ultimate goal in life is happiness and we are trying to achieve it through different ways. So one should try to fulfill others expectation only if it is not conflicting with his or her own interest, be it career, money, life partner or any other aspect of life.

    The biggest problem with other’s expectation is that it is derived by comparing us with other successful individual and definition of success here is often monitory success. Tendency of setting expectations by comparing others is so deep rooted in our society that we make most of our important decisions by following same approach ignoring what we really want.

    These expectations are set very early in our life right from first day of our school or probably from first day on earth or even before that. By the time we are grown up to take control of our life, we are clueless about what we really want. We start setting our goals as per other’s expectations. In my opinion this is the real cause of unhappiness on earth. By the time we realize that the goals we are pursuing is not our real goals, we are at a stage of life from where we think it is very difficult to make a fresh start. Although I personally think that it is never too late to make a fresh start.
    We can make earth a happy place to live if we expect less with others. In my opinion it is way to ultimate freedom and piece….

    • Thank you Mahendra. Very nice points. But, We all have to deal with the expectations of our surroundings unless we acheive the highest degree of self-realization (i.e. not letting other’s expectation to have a say in our goals etc). Until we reach to that state, we will have to priortize our task list.

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